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Everything is better when adventure riding. You could be spending time in your office cubical, cleaning your house, or working on that neverending list of tasks that needs to get done.  


Or you could be on your bike enjoying the fresh air and the great outdoors.  Making memories with friends and family is the best way to relax and rejuvenate yourself.


Black Bear ADV started with an idea after multiple conversations with visiting riders in Black Bear Coffee co.  We were finding that more and more adventuring motorcyclists were eager to find great routes, amazing views, and hidden gems.  We love to adventure ride and know where all those places are, so why not share those routes with you!

Black Bear ADV is owned and operated by local ADV riders.  All our guides are certified NOLS wilderness first aid and B.R.A.T certified skilled riders.   A support vehicle is available for emergency situations. We will take you to our favorite spots and "must-see" places while enjoying great food and amazing evening accommodations. The end of the trip dinner is always a must. 



All of our guides have a love for Adventure motoring and it shows!

Garrett Stivers

Garrett Stivers

Guider of the tours and best beard award

Mark Pavao

Mark Pavao

Guider of the tours and ring leader

Tim Hopkin

Tim Hopkin

Guider of the tours and the master mind of all

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